Mark Thresher

Financial Planner

020 8543 0111

At work

Mark joined us in 2018, having worked previously for Invesco Perpetual and Transact since graduating from his Economics degree at the University of Reading.

As a Financial Planner, Mark particularly enjoys working on retirement planning. He finds it rewarding to help demystify clients’ investments and pensions, producing sustainable plans for withdrawing from their portfolios so that clients feel confident in spending their hard-earned money and enjoying their retirement.

He is currently working towards his level 7 Diploma in Advanced Financial Planning, the final qualification he’ll need to achieve both fellowship with the Personal Finance Society and CFP certification.

At home

Mark likes to keep active in his spare time. He enjoys walking, skiing, golf and tennis. He also enjoys going on bike tours, including riding to Paris, Amsterdam and Cologne.

In downtime he also enjoys watching documentaries, playing chess (although not very well) and eating.


  • Reality TV
  • Early mornings
  • Ironing
  • Cold calls
  • Slow computers

All regulated financial advisers must be authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and therefore appear on their register. You can find Mark’s entry here.

Furthermore, all advisers must have an up-to-date Statement of Professional Standing (SPS). This shows they are suitably qualified and have carried out the required amount of Continuous Professional Development (CPD). You should be wary of any advisers who refuse to provide copies of their SPS. You can click here to view Mark’s.


  • Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning
  • Certificate in Equity Release
  • Certificate in Discretionary Investment Management
  • Certificate in Mortgage Advice
  • IFP - Member of Accredited Financial Planning Firm

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