We believe financial planning is about far more than money.

Instead, we believe it’s about:

  • Understanding what’s important to you
  • Creating and managing a financial plan focused on your goals
  • Helping you achieve everything you want out of life

Most of our clients don’t have the time, and often the inclination, to manage their income and wealth in a way that helps them achieve the goals in life that are most important to them. It’s our job to help you achieve these goals in the best way for you.

Planning your finances is a complex business; which is why we see it as one of our primary responsibilities to provide you with a clear process for the way we work with you.

From the very start, we’ll make sure we clearly communicate how we operate. On an ongoing basis, we’ll keep you updated and in touch with how your financial plan is progressing.

Stage 1

Initial meeting

The initial meeting is a chance for us to get to know each other better and provide you with an introduction to who we are, how we work and the fees we charge.

We’ll talk about your situation, where you would like to get to and any concerns you may have. The initial meeting is carried out at our expense; at the end of this meeting, we should both have a better idea of whether we’re the right advisory firm for you.

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Stage 2 - Discovery meeting

Stage 2

Discovery meeting

It’s important that we clearly understand your current financial position. To this end, we use the discovery meeting to gather detailed information.

We’ll talk about your approach to your money, your priorities and your short and long-term requirements. In order to create a full picture of your financial situation, we’ll also gather the necessary documentation from you. This will form the foundation for our advice.

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Stage 1 - Initial meeting Stage 3 - Strategy presentation

Stage 3

Strategy presentation

We’ll spend time closely analysing the information gathered during the first two stages of our process.

We’ll then be able to formulate your bespoke financial strategy. Our analysis will be aligned with your goals and be specific to your needs and circumstances.

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Stage 2 - Discovery meeting Stage 4 - Checkpoint

Stage 4


Once we have put your financial plan together, we’ll present it to you.

We will discuss the financial plan in detail and make any necessary amendments. We will also look at ‘what if’ scenarios: the sophistication of our planning process and the tools we use means that we can forecast future scenarios, helping you to make the right decisions now in order to achieve your goals.

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Stage 3 - Strategy presentation Stage 5 - Implementation

Stage 5


Having agreed your financial plan, we’ll then put in place the best structure and financial solutions that will help make your goals become a reality.

As independent financial advisers, we’re able to select solutions from across the whole market without any bias.

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Stage 4 - Checkpoint Stage 6 - Ongoing review

Stage 6

Ongoing review

As you, your family and your circumstances change and grow, your goals and timescales may change along the way.

Your financial plan should be able to change with you, which is why we carry out regular reviews to make sure your plan is still suitable. In these meetings, we’ll review investment performance, discuss any new goals with you and make changes to your financial plan as appropriate.

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Stage 5 - Implementation

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