Peace of mind in retirement

Michael and Claire

Michael is a former British Ambassador to Tajikistan and former Director General of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. He and his wife Claire sought our advice in 2011, having been left dissatisfied with their previous adviser’s product-focused approach.

Our Financial Planner, Elliott, quickly formed a comfortable and trusted relationship with the couple.

Michael’s career with the Foreign Office had meant that he had built up capital through various savings, pension and investment plans.

The couple were fortunate to enjoy plenty of sailing and foreign travel. However, although they felt comfortable, they had some concerns as to whether their lifestyle was sustainable.

What we did

Elliott presented a clear and complete picture of Michael and Claire’s current financial position. The couple were extremely pleased; it was far more holistic than anything they had previously experienced.

The planning process allowed Michael and Claire to consider what the future may look like; considering different investment returns and taking into account future outgoings and events.

On agreement of the plan, Elliott made the required changes to the couple’s portfolio. Elliott also took into account the tax implications. We handled all the paperwork, which the couple found very helpful.

Michael and Claire today

With the financial clarity gained through working with us, Michael and Claire don’t feel like they have to watch their pennies; they have the confidence to spend their money in retirement.

Michael and Claire eventually decided that they wanted to move to the countryside; they just weren’t sure how to go about it. We were their trusted port of call, even before they put the house on the market. We helped them establish how much they could afford to purchase, and this has given them the confidence to go ahead and move from Wimbledon to East Sussex.

Michael now has more opportunity to sail and Claire has completed a Masters. Michael has also set up a consultancy business; he also lectures on diplomacy and policy formation across the country.

We meet with the couple on a regular basis. This allows us to ensure that their capital remains sufficient to maintain their desired lifestyle, and that their financial plan remains relevant and up to date. We review their investments and safeguard their end goal: peace of mind in retirement.

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