We believe in providing exceptional levels of client service and support.

In order to do so, we need a team of knowledgeable and capable experts.

Fortunately, we have exactly that.

From our Financial Planners through to our support team, every member of the Gem & Co team is dedicated to delivering financial planning with confidence, commitment and clarity.

Gareth Rees, Chartered Financial Planner

Gareth Rees

Chartered Financial Planner

Elliott Swatton, Chartered Financial Planner

Elliott Swatton

Chartered Financial Planner

Eamon Nolan, Partner

Eamon Nolan


Dean Wright, Operations Manager

Dean Wright

Operations Manager

Mark Thresher, Financial Planner

Mark Thresher

Financial Planner

Phillipa Morrow, Operations Coordinator

Phillipa Morrow

Operations Coordinator

Sasha Gregory, Client Services Administrator

Sasha Gregory

Client Services Administrator

Nadine Khan, Client Services Administrator

Nadine Khan

Client Services Administrator

Ellie Mackay, Technical Assistant

Ellie Mackay

Technical Assistant

Crystal Linton, Technical Assistant

Crystal Linton

Technical Assistant

Enza Rees, Marketing & Finance Manager

Enza Rees

Marketing & Finance Manager

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