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There are certain factors that make us different from other financial advisers. What’s more, we know our clients benefit from them.

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What we say:

What our clients say:

We’re Chartered

Chartered status is the ultimate symbol of professionalism. Chartered Financial Planning firms (CII) must demonstrate that they possess the highest levels of technical knowledge, a commitment to the ongoing development of knowledge and an adherence to ethical conduct.

“The biggest benefit of working with Gem & Co is knowing there's a qualified third party to steer us through difficult decisions.”

We’re Accredited

As an Accredited Financial Planning Firm (CISI), we have proven that we deliver a comprehensive financial planning service, helping clients achieve their life goals. We demonstrate our professionalism through the calibre of the service we provide.

“The biggest benefit of working with Gem & Co is the feeling that my finances and future happiness are in good hands.”

We’re Financial Planners

As with most things in life, the key to success is a little forward planning; that’s why we call ourselves Financial Planners. Unlike many Financial Advisers, we will never simply sell you a product and walk away. Instead, we strategically plan for your successful financial future on an ongoing basis; guiding you every step of the way.

“The biggest benefit of working with Gem & Co is the friendly, genuine service. Gem have my best interests at heart.”

We’re independent

To complement our accreditations, our independent status means we can provide financial advice that is truly bespoke. We are not tied to any particular product or provider. Instead, we can recommend the financial solutions that best suit you, your goals and circumstances.

"The biggest benefit of working with Gem & Co is the peace of mind that my money has been invested wisely.”

We’re local

Since 1999, we have been providing independent financial planning services to clients in our local Wimbledon area. Many of our clients live close to us; we’re passionate about helping local people to live with financial confidence.

“The biggest benefit of working with Gem & Co is the relationship with a close-knit team.”

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