Our clients’ goals and aspirations are as unique as them.

The common factor between all of them is our relationship; built on trust and mutual understanding.

Here are the stories of just some of the people we have helped.

Retiring business owners

Colin and Janet were exiting from their business, and were due to receive a large cash sum. They felt it was time to retire, but were uncertain whether they could afford to. They wanted to enjoy life now, as much as they could, rather than waiting too long and missing their chance.

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Financial planning for a senior executive

David and Louise were a married couple in their early 50s. David worked as a senior executive; his role was stressful at times, but he still enjoyed some of the challenges it brought. The couple wanted to get financially organised and ensure they were making the most of their money.

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Resolving a lifetime allowance issue

Joe and Caroline came to us with a lifetime allowance issue; the result of a combination of pension schemes. They were concerned; they didn’t know if they wanted to retire yet, as they weren’t sure if they could afford to. They were also worried about tax.

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Achieving retirement goals

Stephen was a marketing director, but was ready to leave his stressful role. He and his wife Josie dreamed of buying a narrowboat to travel around England’s canals. However, their children were still at university; they were concerned about how they could afford to retire.

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Exiting a business

In 2010, Chris decided to sell his shareholding in a printing business. He’d grown the company successfully and felt it was time to relax a little; with one eye on full retirement. Once he made the decision to retire, Chris chose to leave his existing financial adviser and work with Gareth.

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Peace of mind in retirement

Michael is a former British Ambassador to Tajikistan and former Director General of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. He and his wife Claire were starting to think about retirement; although they felt comfortable, they had some concerns as to whether their lifestyle was sustainable.

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