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Investment market update: April 2024

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Interest rates and inflation continued to affect markets around the world in April 2024. Read on to find out what else may have affected investment markets and your portfolio in April. Expectations of interest rate cuts were good news for gold. Investors who feared falling interest rates would lead to lower returns on cash and

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How to make the unexpected part of your financial plan

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When you set out how to reach your financial goals, you might think about the steps you need to take. Just as important could be considering how the unexpected might affect your financial plan. Read on to find out how the unexpected may affect you and how an effective plan could keep you on the

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4 compelling reasons you might want to consolidate your pension

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It’s been more than a decade since auto-enrolment was introduced, and now most workers automatically become members of their employer’s pension scheme. While more people saving for retirement is excellent news, it could mean you end up juggling multiple pots. One option is to transfer one pension to another, known as “consolidation”. It’s usually simple

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