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We have had the pleasure of the lovely Sophie working with us for a two-week work experience placement. Sophie is an Ursuline High School student who has just completed her GCSEs and wanted to experience working in a financial services company. This is what she had to say about her two-week placement:

“During the two weeks I worked at GEM & Co, I experienced a range of different roles within the business and was able to learn about how a financial service works as well as learning about and using different software such as Voyant and Curo. Personally, I found it very interesting to see how all the data is stored, organised and used to create a plan that helps each client. I felt very welcome in the office and really enjoyed this experience as not only did it give me a greater understanding of the business but also an insight into work in general.”

Goodbye and thank you for all your help Sophie. The team at GEM wish you well with your GCSE results and for your future studies.





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