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October Market Commentary

Well, we’re still here. Despite the seemingly best efforts of the leaders of the United States and North Korea – the world is still turning. But September was a month of ‘another day, another North Korean rocket flying over Japan’ and it ended with Kim Jong-un threatening to explode a nuclear bomb over the Pacific. […]

£94bn lost by holding money as cash

A new report has revealed that the UK’s working adult population has missed out on a staggering £94 billion over the past five years through failing to invest in the stock market and holding their money in savings accounts. The figure comes from public policy think tank, The Social Market Foundation, which has also found […]

2017 award winner at the Merton Best Business Awards

Once again, the team at GEM & Co is proud to be recognised as one of the best businesses at the Merton Best Business Awards. This year we were delighted to receive the runner-up award in the ‘Best Business under 50 employees’ category at this year’s award ceremony held at Epsom Downs Racecourse on 27th September 2017. In […]

Welcome to our two new team members

This month we welcome Joanna Smithers and Phillipa Morrow to the GEM & Co team to further enhance the quality and experience of our service. Joanna joins us as Practice Manager, a new role developed for our business in order to enable our three financial planners to spend more time focusing on their clients and their […]

Time, not material goods, raises happiness

A new study has found that paying to free up your time is linked to increasing your level of happiness. Individuals taking part in a psychological experiment said that they felt happier when using $40 (around £30) to save themselves time rather than buying material goods. Stress over not having enough time can lead to […]

September Market Commentary

Introduction It is hard to start this commentary anywhere other than North Korea – or maybe crouching in Japan as a North Korean missile passes overhead. At the beginning of the month, Kim Jong-un threatened to bomb Guam, the US territory in the Western Pacific, and by the end of the month air raid sirens […]

Rise reported for top fixed-rate cash ISAs

Since December 2016, the top fixed-rate cash ISAs have seen their rates rise by up to 42% thanks to smaller less well-established banks hoping to boost business. Four new fixed-rate ISAs paying market-leading rates were launched at the end of July by Charter Savings Bank, whose new one-year ISA offers a better rate (1.3%) than […]

Planning for the best time of your life

Whether you’re nearing the start of your retirement or you’ve still got a few years of work ahead of you, it’s likely that you’ve already started planning this next significant phase in your life. But no matter how much you read, how many numbers you crunch and how many pounds you put away, you might […]

August Market Commentary

July got off to the best possible start when Janet Yellen, Chair of the US Federal Reserve, announced that there would be no more financial crises “in our lifetime.” Speaking on a trip to London, she said that the reforms of the banking system since the 2007 to 2009 crash had “minimised the risk of […]